Experience Us

An environment of learning is created using a combination of structured and unstructured experiences; through action, reflection, dialogue and informal processes. The emphasis is on learning through the experience at an emotional level. It helps the individual delve deeper into recognizing one’s personal needs, feelings, examine assumptions and thoughts. As individuals, participating in the experience would possibly have gained insight into their own needs, presently being met or unmet, they may choose to commit to their discovery and return to their lives, empowered to incorporate this learning into their personal and work relationships, thereby supporting the exploration of:

  • Behavior patterns, both functional and not-so functional or unhelpful
  • Impact on others and the impact of others on oneself
  • Beliefs which may enable or hinder the ability to relate with other individuals
  • Dormant potential

Individuals participating in the experience are encouraged and supported to CREATE:

  • CR - Appreciate their Current Reality
  • EA - Explore Alternatives
  • TE - Tap into their positive Energy

Upcoming Events

Watch this space for updates..... Stay tuned for news about our upcoming exciting workshops!