T.T. Srinath


Over the last 28 years I have worked with CEOs, Managers, Middle level Managers, Executives and down the line, numbering more than 30,000 individuals across India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Indonesia ranging from manufacturing industries, service industries, educational institutions, government undertakings in the Public Sector and NGO sector.


I am a qualified sensitivity trainer, qualified with the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (website: www.isabs.org), the Indian arm of National Training Laboratories, USA.

I have a Post-Graduate degree in organizational behavior from India’s premiere institute for Human Resources Management, namely Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI-Jamshedpur).

I received my Ph.D. in ‘Behavior of the Small-Scale Entrepreneur’, from the Anna University,
Chennai, India.

I am a Certificate holder in Sociodrama & Action Methods, issued by MPV / SAM Sociodrama & Action Methods Training and accredited by the British Psychodrama Association. I have been a student of ‘Psychodrama’, having trained extensively with members of the British Psychodrama Association (I am also a stage actor, working with the oldest English Theatre company in India, the ‘Madras Players’, Chennai); a student of Gestalt, trained by the Northern Rivers Institute of Gestalt, Australia; an accredited Master Coach, accredited by Dr. Suzzane Skiffington from Australia and a serious participant in the Tavistock Model of Group Facilitation.


I do deep and extensive work with personnel, and my process focuses on creating new platforms within the organization which will help in:

  • Capturing thought processes within the organization, assessing and presenting the current state.
  • Facilitating processes to help members enhance their leadership skills, managerial skills and effectively communicate.
  • Bringing into awareness the qualifications and competencies required to achieve the desired change
  • Facilitating various interventions at individual and group level in order to support and sustain:
    • Creating Winning Relationships
    • Personal effectiveness
    • Leadership development
    • Managerial development
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Team development


The methodology I follow is experiential and semi-structured and interactive, using a combination of theatre activities, simulated games and movie appreciation sessions.

To learn more about the kind of work that I do you may visit my website www.ttsrinath.com

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