People learn in various ways, but most often they learn best if they are part of an experience.
An ancient Chinese proverb sums up the best principle of experience:
- Tell me, I forget,
- Show me, I remember,
- Involve me, I understand

Our methodology is an amalgam of several creative methods which encourages action and is completely experiential,
blending western and eastern thought with mysticism.

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Experiential learning is a process in which both the facilitator and the participant, jointly, contribute to creating an active and participative environment in which possibilities emerge. Individuals who are part of the experience recognize the choices that are available to them, and in so doing, help increase self-awareness and inter-personal competence. This methodology, therefore, facilitates an individual’s ability to relate, live meaningfully and purposefully in this world.


Relationship with Self

Participants can work to explore human processes and discover more about themselves either through one-on-one sessions with a facilitator or in a group setting in one of our workshops.

Relationships with others

Our experiential workshops help participants to establish quality connections, meeting everyone’s needs by developing the art of being empathetic towards self and others. The intent and outcome of the workshops is to enhance relationships, both with oneself and with others.


Creating Winning Relationships

- We are offering a one-day workshop on May 2, 2020 in the Dallas area Venue: To be decided 9 am to 5 pm

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